Alegría closes out remate season in style



Alegría’s Alberta Smartie, by Reese and Open El Padrino (pictured), was the top sale of the evening for $55,000 USD


Alegría Polo Team ( hosted their second annual auction on Wednesday, December 9th. The remate, which took place at Alegría Polo Club, was the fourteenth and final event officially sanctioned by the Argentine Polo Breeders Association (AACCP – Following the bidding and selling session, a grandiose party was hosted by the Mannix family, which celebrated the end of the busiest auction season to date in Argentine polo.

Several foreign players have made their way south to participate in the Argentine Triple Crown. The outstanding Gracida brothers; Memo in 1984 with Santa Ana and Carlos with Ellerstina in 1994, managed the feat of winning the Argentine Open. However, less precedent exists of international players who have established their own organizations in Argentina, to participate consistently in Triple Crown play.

This is the case with Fred Mannix Jr. (, a six-goal Calgary native who arrived in Argentina back in 2006 to play the Hurlingham and Palermo Open for Coronel Suárez. Mannix went on to initiate his own club, improve his handicap to nine goals, and reach the 2013 Argentine Open Final. In a country which can be unforgiving to foreign polo players, Alegría is undoubtedly a testament to passionate consistency, strategic planning, and organizational capacity.

The first remate to be live streamed over the internet by, Alegría proved once again they are here to stay and here to win. A posh affair by all means, guests and friends were accommodated in a dashing tent, elegantly decorated with black linens and central glass chandeliers. The centre auction ring – later turned dance floor – was livened by excellent video footage of the featured fillies and state-of-the-art strobe lighting.

The auction featured a selection of two year old fillies belonging to Alegría and a distinguished group of guest breeders which included Lucas Monteverde, Hilario Ulloa, Agustin Merlos, and La Irenita, among others. At the end of the session, twenty five products were sold for a total of $638,000 USD. Two-year-old Alberta Smartie, by Reese and Open El Padrino, was the top sale of the evening for $55,000 USD. Reese has been an outstanding Triple Crown participant with Fred Mannix and Mariano Aguerre since 2009, including the 2013 Argentine Open Finals.

Another notable sale of the evening was two-year-old Lavinia Acrobata, by Lavinia Naipe and Fax Mareada, for $52,000 USD. Fax Mareada is an outstanding Triple Crown participant with Hilario Ulloa, bred by Haras La Manada. Bloodline excellence was a predominant theme throughout the auction. Twenty of the twenty five auctioned fillies were foaled by former Triple Crown participants. Buyers in search of proven Triple Crown bloodlines benefited from several bargains, as the average sales price was $25,500 USD.

Charity also had its moment during the event as the proceeds from the sale of an embryo by Open Havanette and Machitos Medusa were donated to Hospital Austral in Pilar. A festive and colourful evening in which carefully groomed horses, excellent food, and plentiful drinks were the norm, Alegría and friends celebrated into late-night hours, in what signified the end of the remate season and prelude to the Argentine Open Finals on Saturday, December 12th; polo’s most important match. –Carlos Naish, Special Correspondent


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The Argentine Triple Crown Championship recognizes the winning team of the Argentine, Hurlingham, and Tortugas Open Championships in the same year. Only five clubs have accomplished such a feat: Coronel Suárez (Alberto P. Heguy, Horacio Heguy, Juan C. Harriott (h.), Alfredo Harriott) in 1972 and 1974–77; Santa Ana (Gastón Dorignac, Héctor Merlos, Daniel González, Francisco Dorignac) in 1973; Ellerstina (Adolfo Cambiaso (h.), Mariano Aguerre, Gonzalo Pieres, Carlos Gracida) in 1994, (Facundo Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres (h.), Pablo MacDonough, Juan M. Nero) in 2008 and 2010; La Aguada in 2003 (Javier, Eduardo (h.), Miguel and Ignacio Novillo Astrada); La Dolfina (Adolfo Cambiaso, David Stirling, Pablo MacDonough, Juan Martin Nero, Sebastián Merlos) in 2013 and 2014.


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