La Dolfina also shows prowess in the auction ring



Three-time Copa Lady Susan Townley winner (the Argentine Open's Best Playing Pony award), Dolfina Cuartetera (2009, 2010, 2014) – Dolfina Ritmo Tropical, daughter to Cuartetera and Open Chimento, sold for $160,000 USD

Three-time Copa Lady Susan Townley winner (the Argentine Open’s Best Playing Pony award), Dolfina Cuartetera (2009, 2010, 2014) – Dolfina Ritmo Tropical, daughter to Cuartetera and Open Chimento, sold for $160,000 USD


In one of the more anticipated events for polo breeders and buyers, La Dolfina ( hosted its annual auction Wednesday, November 11th, at La Indiana Polo Club, in Pilar, Buenos Aires. This was the fourth of the fourteen auctioning events officially sanctioned for 2015 by the Argentine Polo Breeders Association (AACCP – The season finale to be hosted by Alegría on December 9th.

On or off the field, Adolfo Cambiaso is a trendsetter who captures everyone’s attention. He has won all the major tournaments on the planet, single-handedly dominating polo for over twenty years. An unprecedented phenomenon in any sport. While this spectacular dominance can certainly be traced to his competitive nature and uncanny ability on the field, Cambiaso’s horsemanship and disposition towards innovative breeding have played a fundamental role in sustaining him as the preeminent player in the game.

Last night, La Dolfina carried their polo field prowess into the auction ring, as they showcased their top selection of unbroken fillies. The first player to ever ride a cloned horse in the Argentine Open, as expected, brought his very best for the occasion. A majority of the featured fillies were foaled by Cambiaso’s top Triple Crown participants. The market responded accordingly as Dolfina Ritmo Tropical (Cuartetera), Dolfina Ethiopian (Lapa), and Dolfina Opereta (Hanna Montana), all sold above the $100,000 USD threshold.

Bloodline excellence was a predominant theme throughout the auction. Notable dams also included Dolfina Buenaventura, Caraqueña, Lucky, and Muevela; all currently participating in Argentine Triple Crown play. Dolfina Cuartetera, Cambiaso’s best active mare and three-time Lady Susan Townley award winner (, is simultaneously proving herself as a prolific dam. Dolfina Tetera, Guiterrero, Bailantera, Cumbiera, and Popular (all by Cuartetera), are participating in the upcoming Argentine Open.

At the end of the session, twenty-five products were sold for a total of $1,748,000 USD; an average sales price of $69,920 USD. Top seller of the evening was Dolfina Ritmo Tropical (by Dolfina Cuartetera and Open Chimento) for $160,000 USD.

November 12th auction activity resumes with Doña Sofia Polo in Pilar. –Carlos Naish, Special Correspondent


Open Chimento, father to Dolfina Ritmo Tropical, La Dolfina’s top seller in 2015


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The Argentine Triple Crown Championship recognizes the winning team of the Argentine, Hurlingham, and Tortugas Open Championships in the same year. Only five clubs have accomplished such a feat: Coronel Suárez (Alberto P. Heguy, Horacio Heguy, Juan C. Harriott (h.), Alfredo Harriott) in 1972 and 1974–77; Santa Ana (Gastón Dorignac, Héctor Merlos, Daniel González, Francisco Dorignac) in 1973; Ellerstina (Adolfo Cambiaso (h.), Mariano Aguerre, Gonzalo Pieres, Carlos Gracida) in 1994, (Facundo Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres (h.), Pablo MacDonough, Juan M. Nero) in 2008 and 2010; La Aguada in 2003 (Javier, Eduardo (h.), Miguel and Ignacio Novillo Astrada); La Dolfina (Adolfo Cambiaso, David Stirling, Pablo MacDonough, Juan Martin Nero, Sebastián Merlos) in 2013 and 2014.


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