La Dolfina edge third consecutive Hurlingham title




La Dolfina – 15

Adolfo Cambiaso (10), David Stirling Jr. (10),
Pablo Mac Donough (10), Juan Martin Nero (10)

Ellerstina – 14

Pablo Pieres (10), Nicolas Pieres (9),
Gonzalo Pieres Jr. (10), Facundo Pieres (10)

La Dolfina trailed for most of Saturday’s Hurlingham Open final, with Ellerstina taking a lead in the second chukka that held until the final minutes of regulation play.

After playing to a 2-2 tie after the first chukka of play, Ellerstina took control of the game. Ellerstina scored three times in second period action, while holding La Dolfina to a single goal. Ellerstina jumped out to an early 5-3 lead. The two teams traded goals over the next two chukkas, scoring two goals apiece in both the third and fourth periods. At the end of the first half, Ellerstina maintained their two goal lead (9-7).

Ellerstina didn’t miss a beat as they returned to the field for the second half. Three more goals were countered by a single score from La Dolfina. After five chukkas of play, Ellerstina had taken a healthy four goal lead over La Dolfina (12-8).

A regrouped La Dolfina foursome bounced back in the sixth. La Dolfina held the impressive Ellerstina offence scoreless, while forcing fouls and picking up a couple of goals of their own. Ellerstina continued to lead but La Dolfina had cut the margin back to two goals (12-10), with two chukkas left in regulation time.

Both defences bucked down in the seventh period. Adolfo Cambiaso scored first on a penalty shot for La Dolfina, cutting the Ellerstina lead back to a single goal (12-11). Ellerstina responded with the only other goal of the chukka to take back their two goal advantage (13-11).

The scoring went back and forth in the final chukka, with La Dolfina snapping at the heels of Ellerstina but never getting close enough. Pablo MacDonough scored the first goal of the chukka for La Dolfina (13-12), but Ellerstina responded with a goal from Polito Pieres (14-12). Consecutive goals from Pelon Stirling tied the game at 14-14 as Ellerstina saw the game slipping away from them. Cambiaso scored the winning goal on a 60-yard shot for the 15-14 win.

Cambiaso led all scoring with eight goals (six on penalty conversions). Sterling scored four times and was named MVP for his efforts with MacDonough adding three goals for the victory. Facundo Peres scored six of his team high seven goals on penalty shots. Gonzalito Pieres was credited with four goals and Polito Pieres added three goals in the loss. Juan Martin Nero’s Oli Chicha was honored as Best Playing Pony in the final.

La Dolfina will return to the field in Palermo on Friday, November 20th, in the opening game of the 2015 Argentine Open against Magual (Alejandro Muzzio, Francisco Elizalde, Marco Di Paola and Santiago Toccalino), while Ellerstina begins their run at the Argentine Open title with a Saturday match against Washington (Diego Cavanagh, Ezequiel M. Ferrario, Facundo Sola and Alfredo Cappella). –Alex Webbe

PROGRESSION: La Dolfina / 2-2 / 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9 / 8-12 / 10-12 / 11-13 / 15-14
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The Hurlingham Club’s Open Polo Championship began in 1929 as the Senior Championship, changing its name a few years later. This competition yields only to the Argentine Open in prestige. The club claims the 2015 Championship as the 122nd. It is an unfounded claim, presumably arrived at by counting all the P.A. of the River Plate and Argentine Open Championships up to 1928 as Hurlingham’s own, plus the 1945 edition, in which year there was no Argentine Open because of political unrest in Buenos Aires.


Zone A

Adolfo Cambiaso (10), David Stirling Jr. (10),
Pablo Mac Donough (10), Juan Martin Nero (10)

Ignacio Toccalino (9), Sebastian Merlos (9),
Eduardo N. Astrada Jr. (9), Alejandro N. Astrada (8)

Agustín Merlos (8), Guillermo Terrera (8),
Guillermo Caset (9), Ignacio N. Astrada (9)

Diego Cavanagh (8), Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario (7),
Facundo Sola (8), Alfredo Cappella Barabucci (8)

Zone B

Pablo Pieres (10), Nicolas Pieres (9),
Gonzalo Pieres Jr. (10), Facundo Pieres (10)

Cristian Laprida Jr. (8), Hilario Ulloa (9),
Lucas Monteverde (9), Fred Mannix (9)

Alberto Heguy Jr. (8), Ignacio Heguy (9),
Bautista Heguy (8), Eduardo Heguy (9)

Alejandro Muzzio (8), Francisco Elizalde (7),
Marcos Di Paola (8), Santiago Toccalino (8)


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