The Master: Polo Bootmaker, Casa Fagliano

Telegraph Luxury goes behind the scenes at Casa Fagliano, the Argentinian atelier of world-renowned polo bootmakers.

Produced for Telegraph Luxury | Film by Glen Milner |

The Sultan of Brunei, Prince Harry, the Maharaja of Jaipur, James Packer, and the King of Spain. Not to mention the crème de la crème of the polo world. These are just a few of the notable clients Casa Fagliano serves from its small workshop neighbouring the Hurlingham Polo and Golf Club in a suburb of Buenos Aires.

Casa Fagliano specialise in finely-crafted polo boots, made very precisely by hand, exactly the same way they were made back in 1892 (even down to the Durkopp sewing machine) when the Italian-born shoemakers Pedro and Giacomina Fagliano first established the business. It remains a family firm, as third generation member Eduardo explains, “When we were kids my brother and I used to come here to the workshop. We would play here but also we would see our father and grandpa working. We saw how much effort they put in their work and how they always tried to improve their craft.”

Today Eduardo works alongside his father Rodolfo, his brother Héctor, and his son Germán, with each of them focusing on a different stage of the production process. Each pair of polo boots takes up to 48 hours to handcraft so Casa Fagliano only produce around 100 pairs per year. Customers might have to wait up to six months for their custom-made boots, but since production has been honed over 122 years, it seems a small price to pay for absolute perfection.